About Us

Experience & Certifications

Owner Felipe Garcia has 40 years of watch repair and restoration experience.

Felipe worked at Albert’s in Merrillville, Indiana for 12 years before opening FG Watch Services Inc. in Westmont, Illinois. Felipe also has three certifications when it comes to timepiece repair: Breitling, Cartier (only half of the state has this type of certification), and Swatch Group.

Do you have a watch to be fixed?

FG Watch Services Inc. is truly a company that offers state-of-the-art, 21st century technology and prides itself on honored traditions and expertise.

FG Watch Services Inc. guarantees its customers the best repair and restoration watch services. Our goal is to make sure that one of your most prized possessions returns to you safely, quickly and is fully insured.

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Did you know that most manufacturers of automatic watch movements recommend that their watches be cleaned and adjusted every three to five years? Proper care and periodic maintenance will ensure that your fine timeplece will perform to its fullest potential.

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