FG Watch Services Inc. has a complete exhibit of administrations, going from clear battery changes and weight tests, to perplexing watch rebuilding efforts.

Owner Felipe Garcia prides himself on building up long lasting relationships with each esteemed watch proprietor and his/her loved timepiece.

Regardless of whether it’s Breitling, Cartier or Swatch Group, FG Watch Services Inc. has the experience and demonstrable skill to guarantee each timepiece is overhauled with exactness and supply you with exceptional services.

High Quality Watch Repair and Maintenance Services

When you bring your watch to FG Watch Services Inc. it is handled with the utmost care.

Each watch gets a careful assessment, and in light of this investigation, an itemized repair gauge is set up for you.

We offer unmatched watch repair and restoration services for extravagant brands. Every brand mentioned above are just a small portion of some of the world’s finest timepieces.

FG Watch Services Inc. are experts who are devoted to preserving the nature of these watches.

Do you have a watch to be fixed?

At FG Watch Services Inc. we use genuine parts and use the recommended repair procedures and testing techniques in the majority of our repairs. We will dismantle your timepiece in order to completely check the state of all parts, and all watches are water tried to the manufacturer's specifications.

With regular watch maintenance and the occasional watch repair from FG Watch Services Inc. you can keep your favorite timepiece running great for years to come.

Did you know that most manufacturers of automatic watch movements recommend that their watches be cleaned and adjusted every three to five years? Proper care and periodic maintenance will ensure that your fine timeplece will perform to its fullest potential.

Call us for more information about our watch repair and watch maintenance services.